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What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew – A Book Review

what your ADHD child wishes you knew book review
As we show in this ADHD guide, one of the biggest frustrations that children with ADHD have both at home and at school is living around people who do not understand their motivations, emotions, and the reasons behind their behaviors.

The same frustrations also plague those who have to live with children with ADHD – they have trouble understanding what makes the ADHD children tick.

Veteran psychologist Dr. Saline’s book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew – Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life is intended to bridge this gap that exists between especially the ADHD child and their parents and carers.

According to one reviewer, “…what really moved me was how it explained the ADHD brain and the subjective experience of children with ADHD.” But probably the best thing going for this book is that it’s very readable, both for parents, and those involved with ADHD personally or professionally.

“Most people with ADHD can’t sustain interest in books about ADHD. This one is different…” says Laurie Ostendorf, who is an ADHD specialist with a degree in Psychology. Follow this link to read the rest of her informative review.

Said another reviewer… “It also addresses problems in school, with electronics, friends, how to manage emotions, strategies for executive functioning difficulties. There is variety with how the information is presented, with quotes, stories, charts, cartoons, and diagrams to keep it interesting for the reader…”

Dr. Saline offers practical advice and strategies, based around the 5Cs “road map” among other things to “…help keep parents focused on the positive qualities of their children and mindful of how best to show them their pride in them and admiration for them – through noticing and commenting on small successes rather than blanket statements about how great they are.”

The book leverages important scientifically based research and knowledge about ADHD as well as compassionate and effective strategies for helping kids and teens with ADHD thrive – to provide parents, teachers, and carers an approach to ADHD that squarely addresses the “psychological risk factors of low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety that can too often develop when kids with ADHD are misunderstood and parented from traditional models.”

This is a must read book for parents with ADHD children as well as people living with ADHD. This reviewer put it like this… “These stories and techniques are so expressive and helpful that it’s making my family and friend and myself see things in a different way. I’m almost convinced having ADHD isn’t a bad thing according to this book.”

Click this link for the various formats and prices for this very helpful book.

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