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The Secret Benefits of a Fitness Lifestyle (And Why You Owe It To Your Children To Lead By Example)

As I’m writing this, on the radio they just announced that Tiger Woods is preparing to compete in a major golf competition at Augusta, which is billed to be arguably the most challenging golf course in the world. This made me remember a documentary I watched some time ago, where Tiger’s dad took little Tiger Woods and molded him into the golf genius that he became.

In golf, Tiger Woods achieved a level of mastery most professional players can only dream about. Mastery is something we should all aspire to (as George Leonard argues in Mastery, The Keys To Success And Long-Term Fulfillment) but it’s not the only reason to engage in sports and other forms of exercise.

Tiger Wood’s speedy recovery from that accident he had some fourteen months earlier can be attributed to his mental and physical fitness. He hasn’t even recovered fully in his legs, and there is some uncertainty if he’ll be able to walk the full course!

There are some secret benefits to living a fit and healthy lifestyle, besides the obvious ones we all know a lot about by now…

One of my role models, fitness-wise, when I was young was actually not my dad, but one of our neighbors, a reporter for a local daily. This guy showed me the benefits of exercise and fitness that you won’t see on a scale, in the mirror or in the results of your next medical exam.

What I’m talking about is the priceless influence you will have on others who are close to you such as your children, parents, friends, co-workers and employees (if you are a business owner).

By choosing to live a fitness lifestyle, and actively expose his kids to it, this reporter guy was imparting wisdom on his kids (and on others such as me who cared to listen) that would beneficially influence his descendants for generations to come. Pretty smart guy, wouldn’t you say?

As a kid living next door to this guy, I was able to see the difference between how this reporter gentleman looked and how other people in his age range, who did not take care of themselves, looked. That included my dad. The difference was staggering.

And, when it came to physical abilities… Forget about it! He could do things by himself that would normally require three or four out of shape & unhealthy people to get done.

I knew exactly what kind of shape I wanted to be in when I grew up.

In essence, this guy was leading by example. And, not only did I learn from his example, but so did his kids – Gary, who became a good friend of mine, and his daughter, Megan). They both committed to exercising and eating right (most of the time).

This brings me to some of those secret benefits I mentioned earlier. Our kids now watch us workout and eat healthy. The same things that happened to me as a kid are happening to the next generation.

My  kids want to use the home gym, do stretches and floor exercises, and eat nuts and fruit for snacks instead of candy and cookies (most of the time). It’s true what they say, that as you do life, so will your kids do life!

Here is my point in all of this. By taking care of himself Gary’s dad was taking care of his kids and his grand kids. And, you can believe that his great grandchildren will benefit as well.

What better gift can you pass down than the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle and the enhanced quality of life that goes with it? There is nothing better.

In addition to influencing your children, this same mechanism  also does apply to your friends, parents, co-workers and employees (if you are a business owner). The reasons are many but the end result is still the same. Your healthy way of life will inspire others around you to take better care of themselves – through a healthier life style.

So, by leading a lifestyle built around physical fitness and smart nutrition, you may be taking care of a lot more people than just yourself.

A little about sports and nutrition supplements

One of the main reasons why people start and fail to stick to a regular exercise and fitness routine is the pain and discomfort that comes with the physical activity.

Modern advances in fitness nutrition supplements have shown that these supplements can greatly improve your body’s recovery rate and reduce the negative effects of “free radical” damage to the body. We have prepared a report that shows you how your body can benefit from using these supplements: The Science Behind Sports & Fitness Nutrition Supplements.

Go proactive today, and build a legacy your kids will be proud of!

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