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Do you need more clients/customers for your service business?

Would you like to get paid more for your services?

Are you working harder and enjoying your business less and less?

If you answered “yes” to one or all three of these questions, I’ve got good news for you.

For the first time ever, a new and free online e-course reveals powerful secrets to making your service business as profitable as you’ve always known it should be.

This e-course presents a simple but highly effective model for marketing your services – the “Leverage & Stack” services-marketing model that leverages what you already have to get prospects to come to you instead of you soliciting their business.

This model focuses on attracting “warm” prospects into your business – because warm prospects who contact you are 10 times more likely to convert to paying customers than “cold” prospects.

The key to building a thriving service-based business is effective marketing. If you’re like most service professionals you probably don’t earn anywhere near as much as you’d like to. And the reason is you’re not doing nearly enough marketing and promotion. You’ve probably bought into the myth that says that it’s enough just to be very good at what you do!

With the leverage & Stack model you’ll do a bit of marketing and promotion of course, but your best customers and your strategic partners will be doing the bulk of marketing your business for you, which frees up your time and puts more money in your pockets!

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