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If Life Is A Game, Here’s How To Become A Star Player

Do you reckon life has dealt you a good hand… or perhaps a bad one? The good news is that it doesn’t matter. You already have something good going for you. You see, it pays to think of life as a game. In a game the winners make the most of whatever they are given.

By contrast, if you chose to think of life as a journey, as some people do, this is about as inspiring as that famous “journey of a thousand miles” that begins with a single step. Ouch!

And if you chose to think of life as a feast, again as some people do, well, I don’t know about you, but in the afterlife I’m aiming for a HEAVENLY experience. Feasts can be fattening, and when I’m called, I won’t be looking for the next kingdom’s equivalent of working out in a sweatshop to BURN excess fat.

Thinking of life as a game is smart, sporty… and very liberating. In a game there are winners and losers, and I’m betting that if you’re playing this game of life you are playing to win. And that’s our first rule…

Rule Number One: Play The Game And Play To Win

  • Go into the game with your heart and soul
  • Give it all you’ve got – energy, effort, enthusiasm, and determination
  • Always think “I can”, “I will”, “I am.” This is what separates winners from losers. And remember, even losing the game is preferable to never playing!

Rule Number Two: Persist Until You Succeed

  • “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”
  • Losers give up early, winners never give up.”
  • If you don’t give up, you win.” It’s as simple as that! Persist until you win!

Rule Number Three: You’ve Got To Choose To Win

  • Few people win out of default; make an active choice and label yourself as a winner.
  • You’re not just a player, nor are you just an innocent bystander. You’re a winner!
  • If you don’t choose to be a winner, you’re unlikely to ever become one.

Rule Number Four: You Have To Keep Yourself Positive

  • Keeping a positive state of mind keeps you invigorated, happy, and enjoying life
  • It’s way easier to win a game when you enjoy it.

Rule Number Five: You’ve Got To Become Better At Winning

  • Always aim to become better at whatever you do, other players are training to beat you.
  • Hone your skills, train, upgrade, because, like Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Rule Number Six: You’ve Got To Execute Your Plan For Success

  • Winning consists of creating a plan to winning, and then following through on your plan. There are no shortcuts.

Rule Number 7: You’ve Got To Have Confidence In Yourself

  • Unless you believe you can win, you’re unlikely ever to try.
  • To earn self-confidence start by excelling at the little things first (e.g. getting up on time), and build forward momentum to take on the bigger challenges.

There, that’s your lucky seven cheat-sheet and playbook for winning at this game of life!

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