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How to Develop the Million Dollar Mindset in 3 Simple Steps

You have heard it time and again. We’ve all heard how lottery winners lose all their money mighty quick; also trust fund babies wasting their parent’s hard earned cash. In fact, up to 80% of the lottery winners in the United States file for bankruptcy within five years.

Most of us say, “That would never happen to me. You would have to be really dumb to lose all that money.”

Yet the very reason that these individuals let their money run through their fingers is the very reason that most of us are still working pay check to paycheck.

It is a lacking mindset that is responsible for our financial difficulties. Many of us believe:

1) I don’t deserve this…

2) I feel guilty because it happened to me and not…

3) This can’t be real…

4) and so on…

So we sabotage our own success.

Those with money that work their way up from the bottom or build the wealth they have easily, have the one thing that most of us lack – a million dollar mind set. All wealth begins with it and all wealth is maintained by cultivating this feeling of prosperity.

Their beliefs are: 1) I am wealthy. 2) If I lost it all tomorrow, I could make it back easily. 3) I deserve to be wealthy.

Most of us can very easily compile a list of hundreds of things that we “want.” That sense of wanting means that we feel that we do not have these things. We are displaying our lacking mindset and creating the very life that we swear that we are trying to avoid.

When we replace this wanting feeling with the sense of already having wealth, amazing things start to occur within our brains. We begin to come up with ways of having wealth instead of merely wishing and wanting it.

How do you create this million dollar mindset?

1) Think about being wealthy and write down any thoughts that come up.

Write down the objections that already play in your mind. Write down the excuses like” It takes money to make money.” And write down all the things that you wish you could have if only…

2) Release on those thoughts. Let them go and keep letting them go until the negative emotions go away with them.

3) Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

4) Fill your mind with the images of what you want and picture yourself already having them.

5) See yourself as you will be. Feel what you will feel. Add audio and even the things that you will smell when you reach that state. ex. the type of perfume you might wear, the sound of bankers begging to give you loans, the feel of silk upon your skin, etc…

6) Keep releasing your negative emotions and thoughts until you have what you have been wanting all these years.

7) Act upon the incredible ideas that your subconscious shares with you fearlessly.

Learn to do visualization like a pro – here’s how

According to Jim Rohn,

“Just as the body instinctively knows how to perform the miracle of health, the mind instinctively knows how to perform the miracle of wealth.”

You can replace wealth above with practically any goal you choose… your subconscious mind knows how to achieve it for you – what skills you need to master and how, what knowledge you need to acquire and how, what habits you need to cultivate and how, etc.

In sports they call this sort of thing “mental rehearsal.” In his book, Tiger Woods talks about how he visualizes himself hitting the perfect ball and watching it land, even before he actually swings his club. If you’ve watched Tiger Woods play when he was still in his prime, you’ll agree that his performance on the golf course was almost magical.

The best way to leverage the powers of visualization

The best advice I ever received about visualization is this: the more detailed a picture you can create in your mind the better, but don’t obsess over getting it perfect, especially when you’re just starting.

It’s like creating a movie… you’re going to have to re-enact some scenes, edit and cut some others, refine over time. Jack Canfield recommends you visualize your future dream twice a day, once in the morning and again before going to sleep, for at least thirty days, but preferably until you achieve your goal.

Basically what you’re doing is to create single-minded focus on what you want while generating motivation to see you through the tough times. Visualization is just a fancy term for living and breathing what you want to become.

Living and breathing means a lot more than simply daydreaming. The vision you create must almost “obsess” you. You have to live as though you already are that new person.  “Seeing” that goal come true in your head isn’t enough…You have to smell and hear and feel it as well.

And to do that you need details. One of the people who explain this very well is Ryan Murdock (Personal Freedom~ A Guide to Creating the Life of Your Dreams)…

“If you haven’t already done it, research the goals on your list and find out everything you can about what you want to become. If you want to transform your body, for example, seek to understand what it is to look and feel that way. Collect images that inspire you, and look at those images when you need to spark your motivation.”

“If your goal is career-oriented, read everything you can about your chosen profession, and fully immerse yourself in that world. If it’s an emotional or relationship goal, read everything you can find about people who embody the traits you want for yourself.”

“What experiences shaped them into the person they are today? What makes them tick? What’s a typical day in their life? Factor those things into your plan.”

Special Note: Faith and gratitude are an essential part of the visualization process. Here’s an exercise that could multiply your results (by making it easier to enter the perfect “mind-and-body state” for visualization)…

When you’re relaxed, bring to your mind something which you already possess, something that is yours without a doubt. This could be the roof over your head, it could be your stereo, or your laptop or tablet, or your smartphone, or your car – or something less physical, for example just knowing where your next revenue is going to come from.

Note how your body and mind react to having something with such certainty. Basically what you’re doing is to “take a snapshot” of the mental-state/physiology combination associated with your feeling/experience of faith and gratitude and certainty for owning this object.

You want to capture this faith/gratitude/certainty “signature” so that you can replicate it in your visualization sessions (so that it looks and feels like you already achieved it).

But again, don’t obsess over it if you’re not perfect. It’s more important to do the visualization than to get it perfect!

If you can assume a physiology or mind state associated with achieving or being something, your psychology will shift such as to be in harmony. In simpler terms this is what it means, fake it till you make it.

When you’re in this state and you have in your mind something you already own, you’re likely to feel no tension, no strain, no worry, no wondering where it is, no desiring it. You will only likely experience just the serenity and stillness and the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with knowing.

Now allow yourself to experience this state of knowing what it means to have something for a while so that you can imprint in your mind the physiology associated with it, as well as the mindfulness associated with it.

Repeat this exercise on a regular basis and soon you’ll have learnt how to duplicate the experience and the feeling of faith and gratitude and certainty you need to “fake” (or transfer to) your future-dream visualization sessions.

In our day-to-day lives we actually do something similar, effortlessly. To give you an example, we are all very good at faking (or re-playing) a happy smile. We’ve become very good at conjuring up the perfect happy smile from nowhere. Most grown-ups can recreate the perfect happy smile in a second, because we’ve imprinted it in our subconscious mind. Social situations sometimes require that we conjure up these smiles like clockwork at a second’s notice!

When you conjure up the perfect happy smile, even if you were on the verge of tears moments ago, you’re re-playing a “signature” you have recorded of the physiology (a certain way to configure a set of facial muscles, a certain tension to apply to each of these muscles, a certain way to position them, a certain way to set your eyes) as well as a certain positive and upbeat mental disposition or mind-state to “install” in your mind.

This is actually a complex thing going on and it probably took a lot of practice from when we were kids, but repeated hundreds or thousands of times, we get to pull it off effortlessly – and quite convincingly, times when we’re “dissembling!”

Develop the millionaire mindset – the abundance mindset. It’s not as hard as it sounds. Leverage visualization like the pros. One of these pros is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He went from champion bodybuilder to one of the biggest stars in Hollywood to governor of the richest state in the United States (California). He says:

“What you do is create a vision of who you want to be, and then live into that picture, as if it were already true.”

Now you know how!

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