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Carex DayLight Sky Bright Light Therapy Lamp Review

Therapy devices should be sturdily built (which builds confidence when you’re using them) and also solidly built around the science underpinning the therapy, don’t you agree? The Carex Daylight Skylight light box seems to cross both these checkboxes. It delivers a verified 10,000 Lux of light energy, plus, the light is designed to strike your face at an “angle of attack” that scientific research has determined to be most optimal.

This means that when you’re using the Carex Daylight lamp for bright light therapy, the light should be shining down from slightly above your eyes. The lamp has been clinically tested too, although in the words of this reviewer who has seasonal affective disorder, it has a “non-clinical appeal” (which is great if you’re looking to use the device inside your home or home office); plus, it fully complies with the science behind bright light therapy.

So, at two feet from the lamp you’re assured of receiving the full10,000 Lux of safe, flicker-free and glare-free lighting that is “full spectrum” as well as UV-filtered. This has the benefit that you won’t need to sit through a therapy session at 6,000 Lux for example, that lasts 2 hours for the therapy to count – because the “bright light” is sub-optimal (as can happen with some generic light therapy lamps)!

The Carex Daylight bright light therapy lamp offers the user two modes of operation – or settings. You have the 10,000 lux therapeutic setting and the single-light task lighting setting. So, if you work at home for example you can easily use the same lamp for your morning therapy session for 20 or 30 minutes, and continue using the bright light when you sit down at your desk in your home office!

This is great for cost-cutting although you should bear in mind that the Carex bright light therapy lamp is “… built like a tank” according to one reviewer – meaning it’s sturdy and quite heavy! `So, if you’re a work-at-home mom a sensible solution might be to install the lamp in your home office and have your morning therapy sessions there – to avoid having to shift this lamp regularly.

Who can use bright light therapy with the Carex Skylight?

The lamp has been designed to offer relief for conditions such as combating fatigue, circadian sleep disorders, those looking to adjust for changes of shift at work, those recovering from jet lag, and for people experiencing bouts of low energy and drive.

Although the manufacturer says you should be facing the lamp with eyes open during therapy sessions, you do not need to look directly at the light.This will be good news for those with light sensitivity issues and people in conditions where their pupils could be dilated for some reason, including fever for example.

Special Note: It matters a lot how far from the lamp you position yourself. The recommended distance from the lamp for the Carex bright light is two feet (2ft or 60 centimeters). Light intensity follows the inverse-square law, meaning that if you sit 4ft away from the lamp you’re getting only one quarter (1/4) of the light intensity, not one half (1/2)! This would require you to extend your therapy session 4 times the regular amount (from 20 minutes or so to 80 minutes!). It’s that critical.

What are the ratings of this light therapy lamp?

The unit uses standard voltage for the USA, 120V a.c at 1.5 amps. The lamps are rated to last 8,000 hours, but the manufacturer admits that the light intensity from the bulbs does degrade with time. The bulbs are therefore designed to be replaceable and the replacement bulbs/lamps can be ordered online through the manufacturer’s website.

The light box uses two different bulbs, a 55W main bulb and a 36W bulb that is used probably for the task lighting function.

You should probably not use this bright light if you have problems with headaches or sensitivity to light. You should probably not buy this unit as well to use for bright light therapy if you have severe depression, bipolar disorder, or any other debilitating mental illness without consulting your doctor. This therapy lamp should be used together with other treatment as prescribed by your doctor.

According to Rizzo, who says “the device changed my life,” the product is generally to be used in the morning. Using it later in the day can throw your sleep schedule out of whack and keep you up at night.” Read the rest of the review here.

Can the Carex bright light therapy lamp help with post-natal depression?

We haven’t found concrete evidence or reports that it can, but as there is a strong link between postnatal depression and SAD (as we saw in this guide on seasonal affective disorder), there’s a possibility that it could. This could be worth investigating further.

A note on unpacking

Some buyers of this bright light therapy unit have complained of a smell of burnt or tortured rubber when using the unit. This smell comes from rings of rubber-like material the manufacturer used to stabilize the unit for shipping. These have to be removed before using the unit, which is mentioned in the instructions and tutorial videos. You get to the rubber packing slips by taking off the lens.

This shouldn’t worry you at all, because like we said in the beginning, this unit is sturdily built as well as built around solid research. According to one reviewer;

“This is a very well built product. No skimping on ‘lightweight’ parts either in the physical build or as far as I can tell in the electronics that control the lighting. I see zero flicker. The lights come on and turn off instantly. There is no sound and only a little heat produced by the light. The arm and adjustments that hold the light have virtually zero play in them. I wish…” Click here to read the full review.

Is the Carex Daylight Sky bright light therapy lamp worth the money?

Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD and conditions such as circadian sleep disorders affect people differently and so it’s not anybody’s place to put a price on the toll that these conditions exact on another person. If your situation with SAD is very damaging to your wellbeing and quality of life, then given the enthusiastic response from other reviewers this bright light therapy unit is not overpriced.

It’s also built like it could last a decade if regularly retrofitted with new bulbs, so for this reason and the point above, the Carex Daylight therapy lamp is certainly worth the price.

Click here to check the latest prices on the Carex Daylight bright light therapy unit.

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